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At Steve's All Breed Grooming and Pet Salon, we offer not only exceptional dog grooming at an affordable price, but also state of the art spa products. We have spa packages to fit the needs and budget of each individual customer. 

Complete Dog Grooming
You will love how your four legged family member feels as soon as you put your hand on its coat.
It is our promise to you that: 
      -All pets that we groom will leave with no mats, cuts or clipper burns. 
      -Every dog receives a complete bath and are blown dry by hand- we don't use cage dryers! 
      -Nails are clipped, hair is removed from ears (if necessary) and are cleaned. Glands are done if we are able to and 
       unless told not to. Pads of feet are cleared of hair and sanitary areas are addressed. 

Salon and Spa
We offer a variety of additional special services to pamper your pet! Our spa treatments range from $20 to $25  and include the following:
          -Teeth Brushing
          Full line of Spa services and products
          TLC for your pet 
          -Coat Conditioner after the bath
These services can also be added on individually to any bath or groom for only $10.00
Small bath dogs start at $35 and small groom dogs start at $45. Call and get a quote today.
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